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Owner, President & CEO at Bush Infotech Group, Inc.
& Greg Bush Enterprises, Inc.
Entrepreneur | Technology Innovator | Champion of Change



About Greg

My name is Greg Bush, Jr.

Greg Bush Jr. is the dynamic owner and CEO of Bush Infotech Group (B.I.G.), an industry-leading firm specializing in management and information systems consulting. With a rich background in computer software, Bush holds advanced degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology. Currently, he's leveraging his expertise to pioneer innovative AI-based technology solutions. 


Bush’s firm has successfully managed $86 billion in projects, setting itself apart through a unique emphasis on data-driven solutions over traditional paperwork. Bush, a firm believer in the power of data for decision-making, is now exploring cutting-edge areas like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 


Bush's vision extends globally, with active participation in developing the African diaspora.  In 2019, Bush designed PHAZE.AI, a web collaboration system aimed at making high-finance systems accessible and affordable to small businesses. This innovative solution won B.I.G. the MBDA 2020 "Minority Innovative Technology Firm of the Year" award. By 2022, the success of B.I.G. was recognized in a case study by Harvard Business School Publications.  Bush has also lectured at Harvard presenting his case study. 


Philanthropy plays a significant role in Bush's corporate ethos, with ongoing efforts to give back to the community both personally and through his non-profit organization, GregBushJrFoundation.Org. 


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